Effective Strategies to Tackle Unconscious Gender Bias in the Workplace

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, 1904 Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
12.00 - 1.45pm
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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Why Companies Should Develop an Unconscious Gender Bias Strategy
Our brains are exposed to 11 million pieces of information every second – far more data than they can process. In response to this, our unconscious mind has developed a way to filter this information to make quick decisions and judgements. In the busy world of work where we face multiple demands and complex tasks, we are more likely to stereotype to save time, particularly under stressful and time pressured situations. Research shows that this can lead to biases that prevent women from achieving success at the same level and rate as men.
To tackle these challenges, organisations are pumping large amounts of money into unconscious bias training. However, studies have shown that standalone unconscious bias training does not necessarily lead to changes in behaviours and, in some cases, may cause people to overtly act out on their biases.
Unconscious Bias Training is an important first step but taken on its own, it is not an effective driver of sustainable change or measurable results. Instead, companies need to develop a holistic strategy to tackle unconscious gender bias to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.
Jointly hosted by AmCham's Women of Influence Committee; People and Organizational Culture Committee and The Women’s Foundation.
  • Clare Allum, Tax Talent Leader Asia Pacific, EY
  • Sanjeev Chatrath, Managing Director, Region Head, Asia, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters 
  • Jo Hayes, Director of Pipeline Initiatives, The Women's Foundation
  • Kristine Rae, Managing Consultant, YSC APAC, YSC Consulting 
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