Financial Literacy Training

Training is interactive and engaging, using a variety of teaching methods such as games, props, small group discussions, case studies and group projects.



Ambassador Training

With the assistance of our NGO partners, TWF has selected and trained high potential women from each community as Ambassadors who deliver the course (i.e. Community Training) to their peers with the guidance and support of TWF and our NGO partners. 



Community Training

The trained Ambassadors, with the support of our grassroots NGO partners, have delivered more than 400 hours of workshops so far for over 250 direct beneficiaries in their communities.

Employability Training

Participants who have completed TWF's Financial Literacy Programme are invited to join the Employability Training Programme where they receive coaching in pre-employment mental preparation, job search skills and work etiquette, and employment opportunities according to their individual needs and circumstances.


Positive Mindset Training



Pre-employment Training


One-year post training follow-up

The Programme includes a one-year post-course follow-up, which will further refine the knowledge and skills attained and encourage sustained patterns of behaviour. Quarterly gatherings are offered to all programme participants.

Alumni Activities

TWF ran a day camp on family budgeting for the beneficiaries of the Programme and their family members on September 28, 2013 at Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Family Camp, Sai Kung.  Some 120 participants of 55 families of our beneficiaries of the Programme.  While adults and teenagers attended the financial training via the Praxis board game which provide the participants an extra layer of practical training on family budgeting and understanding how money works, younger kids enjoyed themselves at the fun and educational workshops.  By such, and with the help of 30 Barclays volunteers, participants could learn effectively under a care-free environment.


A post-activity survey showed that the majority of respondents (96%) found the Praxis workshop was practical, and the game facilitated their learning on financial management (91%) and helped consolidate relevant learning (89%).



Financial Literacy & Employability Training Programme

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