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TWF's T.E.E.N. (Talent Empowerment, Equality and Networking) Programme was launched in 2010, the Programme is youth-led and has a strong gender focus making it unique among youth empowerment programmes currently available in Hong Kong. It is dedicated for under-privileged boys and girls who are junior secondary school students (F.2 - F.3) and coming from deprived families. Throughout the Programme, we provide leadership, gender and diversity awareness training to them who would otherwise not be afforded the same educational, vocational and inspirational experience, opportunities and exposure.

To enhance the Programme's effectiveness, every year, we recruit and train 12-15 undergraduates from local Hong Kong universities to serve as Youth Mentors (Big Brothers & Sisters) to mentor the TEENs. Youth Mentors receive extensive training in diversity, running team activities, communicating with youth and mentoring youth techniques.

Our research reveals that the majority of youth programmes in Hong Kong do not cover gender issues, despite evidence of the impact of gender stereotyping on many problems affecting youth today, such as anorexia, body image, juvenile drug abuse, poor relationships and limited career choices.

Our T.E.E.N. Programme includes modules to break gender biases through raising the TEENs’ awareness of stereotyping within their own households, in the education system and in the media; encouraging discussion about explicit and implicit forms of discrimination; and teaching the value of diversity and inclusiveness.

Our goal is for our TEENs to become diversity champions within their peer groups and the community, leveraging the skills and training from the Programme to become effective motivational public speakers capable of addressing adult, youth or mixed audiences on topics related to gender-stereotyping and gender equality.

Over the 12 months, our TEENs learn to open up, engage and participate in discussion. The improvement in their self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills becomes evident as the course progresses. Many of our TEENs have described the course as a transformative experience, our Big Brothers & Sisters have commended it as a tremendous learning opportunity and volunteers from our Corporate Partner, CLSA have found their involvement to be very rewarding (see Testimonials).



Breaking Through To TEENs

Winnie So, Author, commissioned by The Women’s Foundation

March 2012

"Breaking Through to TEENs" follows a group of teenagers on a year-long journey where they challenge preconceived stereotypes about themselves and their place in the world through TWF's innovative, pilot T.E.E.N. Programme. Accompanying them are teachers, social workers and volunteers who also find themselves transformed, along with their own views about teenagers. The stories and reflections from these case studies highlight the groundbreaking nature of the Programme. The focus is on building trusting relationships by seeking to understand and support each TEEN through their individual challenges at this critical juncture of their social and relational development.

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Values In Conflict: TEENs in Transition 

Winnie So, Author, commissioned by The Women’s Foundation

August, 2017

"Values in Conflict: TEENS in Transition” shares follow-up case studies of the first cohort of The Women’s Foundation’s T.E.E.N. Programme 5 years after the last report and stories of other intakes from different cohorts attempting to deal with the struggles native to growing up in the fast-paced, time starved city of Hong Kong with the help of the T.E.E.N. Programme. TWF aims to provide the TEENs with a supportive and judgment free environment so that they feel safe stepping out of their comfort zone. TWF has developed a grounded and realistic understanding of the different influences and interactions in teenagers’ lives over the years, and while the stories from these case studies do show that the problems faced by today’s teens can’t be solved overnight, it is evident that the T.E.E.N. Programme is working to positively change their outlook on life in the long term.

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