Programme Activities

The Digital Literacy Programme consists of five parent-child coding workshops involving hands-on STEM projects that are relevant to their daily lives, and one parent workshop on parenting skills around positive internet usage.

The Programme runs in collaboration with primary schools and / or NGOs. Each coding workshop serves 20 pairs of parents and their daughters. These workshops cover the following topics:

3D Creative Star Chef

  • Learn basic 3D modelling skills as well as the process of 3D food printing. Participants will also learn to use Tinkercad to design 3D cookie models, and then print their own cookies with a 3D printer

Coding Lamp and Card Art Workshop

  • Learn basic programming coding skills (variable, logic, loops and math operator), the fundamentals of making electronic devices and engage in a DIY Artwork design

AI Exploration Workshop

  • Understand what Machine Learning (AI) is, basic coding knowledge and application of AI in daily life

Parenting Workshop

  • Parenting skills for positive internet usage

Digital Literacy Programme

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