The Whisky Library and TWF invites you an exclusive whisky tasting event to experience the robust flavors of Scotland. The Whisky Library will donate 45% of sales proceeds of this event in support of International Women's Day with The Women's Foundation.
Ambassador Adamson is in Hong Kong to celebrate International Women's Day 2015.
We are delighted that this year’s TWF flagship IWD Gala Lunch will feature Joanna Hotung as our keynote speaker. Joanna is the inspirational founder of the KG Group and Kids’ Gallery. Joanna is the winner of the AmCham Women of Influence Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014. She will talk about her passion for children’s education and creative arts, the challenges she faced as a woman business owner and advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
As part of the celebration for women's achievements during International Women's Day month, TWF is proud to present a distinguished panel of female chefs to talk about their career journey, challenges and inspiration.
"I think it is important for women to see that you can make it (in investment banking), and that there are different approaches to success. There isn't only one style that works." ~ Susie Huang, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Led by experts from InvestHK, the Hong Kong government department that is dedicated to supporting the development of Mainland and overseas entrepreneurs, this event is specifically targeted at existing business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs planning to start a business in the sourcing or retail of non-food items such as fashion, accessories, cosmetics, baby and children's products and home furnishings.
"Barriers [for women] still exist. But there are holes in the barriers and if you are persistent enough you can push yourself through the openings. The interpersonal nature of real estate should naturally foster the role of women." - Mary Ann Tighe, Chief Executive Officer (New York Tri-state Region), CBRE Group
The 30% Club co-hosted the ABAC Women’s Forum (AWF) which aims to co-develop and promote policies that enhance opportunities for women in business in the region within the APEC framework.
Interested in pursuing director opportunities? Considering director's training but not sure which is the right course?