TWF Lunchtime Panel on Return to Work Programmes

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, The Exchange Auditorium, The Exchange Exhibition Hall 1/F, One and Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong
12.00 - 2.00 p.m.
Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • Individual Ticket: HK$300.00
Registration Deadline: 26th Aug 2015

More and more organisations are looking for ways to tap into the talent pool of women who have taken a career break and are looking to return to work. But on-ramping can be challenging - both for the women involved as well as the organisations looking to hire them. 

TWF is delighted to present a panel on best practices and innovative approaches to return to work programmes.

Moderated by Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of The Women's Foundation, the panel will include:

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Rebecca Brosnan 
Managing Director, Head of Asia Commodities, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Goldman Sachs
Stephen Golden
Asia Pacific Head of Global Leadership and Diversity, Goldman Sachs

James Tuttiett
APAC Manager, FDM Group

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